Germany base Prophetess, Susan Ikeokwu of Justice and Mercy Ministries, has cautioned the General leader of Omega Fire Ministries International, Auchi, Edo State, Apostle Johnson Suleiman to return to God from his evil deeds as God’s anger would fall upon him in a jiffy time.

The woman said that God told her to warn Suleman regarding his evil deeds and the threats to a minister of God, who attempted to correct him.

Prophetess Susan Ikeokwu revealed the mind of God that it was abomination for apostle Suleman to threaten to defame the man’s ministry over an effort to correct him in love.

The prophecy was released on Monday which titled: ‘Apostle Johnson Suleman’, said that God informed her to tell apostle Suleiman that, “You are boasting about your ability to deceive everyone all the time.

“You are bragging about your ability to fish yourself out of any trouble you get yourself into, where you come out looking innocent, although you are guilty before my sight.

“For many years, I have given you numerous opportunities to turn from your evil ways, yet, you refuse.

“For you, it is no longer enough that you do all this evil, but you have decided to threaten a son who belongs to me. You are intimidating and threatening him, raging against him.

“Because of your threat and rage against the truth, I have judged you, and my judgment shall stand as it is the truth.

“Due to your unwillingness to repent from your wickedness, you do not have any portion with me; whatsoever you are doing is neither from me nor for me. ”

According to the prophetess, God did not punish Apostle Suleman and his ministry and did not give him the powers he uses here on earth.

Prophetess added that, God said he is watching Apostle Suleman in order to make ensure that His judgment against the cleric comes through, said further that the said judgement has already been established in heaven.

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