It was almost War at Sabo-Oke today.
A set of Islamic hoodlums gathered in front of C&S college with placards and some with Iron rods etc. They came with some Muslim C&S Female Students adorning Hijab. They were chanting Islamic songs and some verses of the Quran.Ultimately, the gate of the College was forced open. It was amazing that after some staff of the College entered the premises, the hoodlums could not follow them. They resorted to throwing stones into the College comoound.

It is interesting to note that Security agents were present, i e.the Police and the Civil defence.Yours faithfully approached one of them(a Policeman) to enquire why they did not disperse the hoodlums and his answer was as suprising as it was stupid. He said that they don't have an Instruction to do anything. He just walked away chewing the Carrot he had in his hand.

The next port of call was Emmanuel Baptist Church. The Youths of the Church who were on ground repelled them immediately. They left, and as If it was a movie, they suddenly became more in number and became more violent attacking the Powerful Prayer Bible Church, The Apostolic Church and the Chapel in the premises of St.Barnabas School with stones and soft drink bottles(Coca-cola) which they had in crates and local throwley(Omolanke).
They went ahead to start attacking anybody  suspected to be Christians dragging some of them down from their cars  but it was then that a combination of the Anti-riot Policemen came on the scene with a crop of Soldier men. These hoodlums were given a chase of their lives. They responded by throwing bottles indiscrimately and beating persons they met on the way.

The Mopol(Anti-riot squad) started throwing Tear gas and the soldier men started shooting into the air. The fumes from the bullet mixed with the Tear gas and it was a peppery time for everyone. Looks like a graphic picture of when your opponent promise to "show you pepper" today. Men ran, Women screamed, Children cried(I think wailing is a better description). It was not yet War and the tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. Sabo-Oke became a mini theatre of war and confusion. What a day!

Those bottle throwing,cutlass carrying and Iron rod wielding boys were certainly under an Influence.May be alcohol, may be the opium of Religion, may be some devils but it was clear that they were not themselves.Twice,they attempted to enter the Office compound of Yours faithfully because they said  it is the "Christians that are living here" and twice the other hoodlums shut down the persons that suggested it in a sharp discouragement of that action. See Angels on guard, the practical manifestation of the Covenant of Exemption and Protection.

The Mobile Policemen are still there with their Vehicles conducting a mini Patrol. Rumour is that the hoodlums are regrouping for a reprisal.

It is high time for Christians to come together and face this humiliation once and for all. But we must understand that our God is God enough to fight his battle and NOW, HE WILL.

It is very important to also note that the lies peddled by the State Government that they are not aware of the Appeal of CAN to the Supreme Court  and also of the pending Application for Stay of Execution has been debunked. We now have copies of the  proof of service on the Ministry of Justice and the subsequent written advice of the Ministry to the Governor to exercise caution and wait for the verdict of the Supreme Court.
It is on the strenght of this that a High Court of Justice sitting in Ilorin issued an Order of Injunction against the State Government on Friday and ordered that parties maintain status  quo ante bellum( It means to return to what it was before the current face off).
We must however note that Governor Abdulrazak of Kwara State has NEVER so far obey any Court order. He pulled down Ile Arugbo inspite of Court order. He refused to swear in a Honourable member of the House of Assembly who won on the platform of  PDP.
He has refused to pay the Judgement sum awarded ex-councillors and ex- Local Government Principal Officers inspite of multiple orders of the Court.
We have resolved to inform CAN to place paid News Paper report to let the whole World know these flagrant disobedience of Order of the Court to maintain status quo by the Governor.
No matter his antecedent, our case must be different. 

If it requires fund, we will have the necessary support.
God is well able to fight his fight!!

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