Have you ever wondered what happened the 4 days that Lazarus was in the grave? Most  people don’t. The death of Lazarus was the opening paragraph in the last chapter of Jesus’ earthly ministry. I will allow Lazarus tell his side of the story

When I took ill, my family had immediately sent for Jesus. They knew he could cure the sickness. These days the demons for human sickness have been dealing with more than they can comprehend. Blindness that had lasted for a whole life time was been cured on a daily basis. The leprous that no one could touch with a long pole were being healed by just one Word from Jesus. The lame were walking, the dumb sang out with joy.  

But Jesus had not responded to the call. Jesus’ failure to respond as expected was perplexing to us. I was one of his best friends. My sisters were cherished by him, he stayed in our house whenever he was in town so why did he refuse to come? He had clearly demonstrated that even strangers can benefit from his goodness and his closest friends had every right too. So why did he treat me differently?

Slowly with the best expectations in my heart, I had drifted in and out of consciousness, into the blackness of sleep. I knew I was but a step away from death. 

My eyelids were heavy and so I drifted on to sleep. It was a beautiful sleep for I had this wonderful dream. An angel ushered me into the company of saints and  oh what a surprise! I could see Abraham and all those great heroes you read about in the scriptures. It was even more amazing that I could just know them without any introduction. They were all gathered at the same place. I think a worship service was just about to commence or maybe already underway
“Who is going to give his testimony first today?” The voice belonged to Abraham, the Father of Faith. From all around, hands shot up as shouts of “hallelujah” weaved a path to the King on the Throne.

“Enoch…” Abraham motioned to quieten the excited crowd.

“I thank God,” Enoch started, “that not many persons have had my experience of God. I never saw death!” he looked around as the crowd replied with gasps of “wao!” Each could faintly remember how he or she died. 

“Stop, my brother stop! Don’t shed innocent blood. O God, please help me…” Abel screamed from his position. He has been pleading for vengeance ever since Cain had brutally martyred him.  Instantly an angel was by his side and since he had interrupted he was allowed to take the floor.

“Yes, I truly was the first to seek God, I even tasted death first… brothers and sisters it is a privilege to die for what you believe in – our God and father. Hallelujah. Our death is not in vain.”

“Yes, it is a good thing to die for our faith, but brothers it is even greater not to taste death.” Many turned to see the new speaker. He needed little introduction if any at all. Elijah looked every bit like an ordinary man but his testimony sent waves and waves of joyful thanksgiving to the throne of the Eternal One.
“I have lived a life of miracles – and even rode in a chariot of fire and for that I give God all the glory.” He concluded.

Taking their cue from Elijah’s chariot of fire, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego were quick to add that though they did not ride the chariot, but they still hold the record as the world’s first and only  fiery acapella group in a furnace. People had laughed and asked them to sing the song they had released under their label.

David had taken the floor after the brief interlude of praise with a powerful medley of Psalm 23 and Psalm 2.  As the grateful audience quietened, he made to give his testimony.

That was the moment I couldn’t contain myself anymore. Without any forethought I just screamed, “I have seen him!”

 “Who have you seen…” Abraham’s voice carried that fatherly tone that commanded respect.

“The Shepherd of my soul. King David just sang about him.”

Eyes popped all around him as the circle tightened. This was a new testimony. It had better be interesting. Abraham shifted once. If he had an eyeglass on he would have adjusted it.

“I have seen him preaching in the temple the way no other prophet could. I had seen him heal the blind. Once at Cana he turned water into wine at a wedding.”

But for the fact that everyone knew it was impossible to tell lies in heaven, some people would not have believed.

“Yes, he drives out demons from the possessed, leprosy has no place in his presence and he talks with tax collectors and even prostitutes.”

 “The Shepherd is awesome. King David, you need to see the joy in Jerusalem. There has never been anything like this shepherd in the history of Israel. You prophesied about him, you sang about him, you expected him, but I have been taught by him, led by him. I remember when he fed 5000 men (I am not talking about women and children that we could not count) and he did it with only 5 loaves of bread.”

The more I recounted the miracles the more eyes bulged out of their sockets in utter amazement.

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