The horrible incident occurred yesterday when the Muslim community in ilorin Kwara State Capital attack the First Baptist Church surulere street with stone and bottles.
The incident happened after the pronouncement of reopening of 10 Missionaries schools by the governor, Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq.
The Muslim community rejected the order of the governor because of hijab palava and throwing stones and bottles to the church premises while many were wounded.

The security agencies were present but powerless for more than 30 minutes.
The Church has written to all Christian bodies in Nigeria and abroad to supports them in fighting against injustice and religious people in the state.

Read the reports in details: "We were today under serious attack at First Baptist Church Surulere, Ilorin as Muslim fundamentalists mobilized themselves and touts to attack us.

They overpower the police, forcefully removed the gate and sign board of the school and started stoning us for over 30min. 

Only the gallant resistance of members and eventual security reinforcements saved the church from been burnt.

More than 15 people are wounded with two rushed to the hospital.

They are still regrouping and refused to leave. They threatened and are trying to burn down the Church. The security agents are now around.

All brethren should join us in prayer.

All brethren should join us to defend our faith and our inheritance.

Our God reigns and our victory is sure."

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