Dr. Victor SA

The corollary to the upsurge at Baptist Surulere regarding the Hijab, today the 21 March, Kwara Baptist Church Surulere in Ilorin held a press conference rejecting warning the state government for the approval of Hijab for female schoolgirls in public schools

The president, Kwara Baptist Rev. Dr. Victor S.A Dada while addressing pressmen in Ilorin said

We Baptist Kwara state wish to advise the Kwara State Government to respect
the Rule of Law concerning religious bodies school in Kwara State.

It is on record that this issue is before the Supreme Court of Nigeria, therefore the pronouncement of the state government closing religious Bodies Schools in sub-judice and as a result committing contempt of court.

Dr. Victor in his address, Equally, the State High Court has issued an order that status-quo-ante” be maintained. That is to say that both parties should return to what was obtainable before the present crisis.

Consequent to the foregoing, we request the following from the State Government:

1. Immediate reopening of our Schools forthwith.

2. For emphasis's sake, we want to reiterate that under no circumstances will we allow the wearing of Hijab in our schools. The schools are our heritage and legacy bequeath unto us by our no fore-fathers.

3. What we are saying is “give us back our schools”. But if the State Government is bent on running the schools, we want to say we will henceforth not allow Hijab nor Mallims in our schools.

4. 11, peradventure, the Government posture did not allow our children to do their WAEC this year, posterity will judge those who are at the halon of affairs accordingly. The adage “Government of the people, by the people for the people is no longer so in Kwara State.

It is, “Government of the people.
run by Muslims, for the Muslims.” However, the Governor should remember that not only Muslims voted for him.

Stop peddling unfounded rumors. Nobody, l repeat, nobody has received nor will receive any gratification from government officials. no amount of intimidation, falsehood, or provocation will deter us from achieving our aim/goals. No retreat, no surrender.

As Jesus lives, and His Spirit lives, success is ours in Jesus’ name

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