The issue of using of hijabs by Muslims students in Christian mission schools has been taking the frontal pages in educational and religious discussions in kwara state of recent which led to closing, reopening, reclosing and reopening of Ten Christian missions school in Ilorin metropolis.

A need to forestall breakdown of law and order, and all manners of associated hatred, fights and uproar spurred me to deeply think through and come with a final notice which should stand as a solution to the epileptic decisions by various interest groups and the government especially and the Executive Governor of kwara state should take the bull by the horn. 

Apart from the subject that the churches want their missions schools back the which judgement is still pending at the Apex court and that the church stands their ground that no use of hijabs in their sweat laboured facilities while some Muslims if not all want by all means the use of hijabs irrespective of merits or demerits attached to it, it is good to look at the matter in the fourth dimension.

Apparently, no doubt that the schools were built by the churches, there haven't been any counter interest on this but that the school were aid funded since 1970s, by the government of kwara state the status quo remains to date and no ambiguity in this as well.

A question which must be answered by anyone who has heart and conscience is this.

Who is the owner of the properties involved?

The government of kwara or the churches?

To me not minding the illegal marriage between the churches and the government, one major way to give way to lasting perfect peace is to determine the ownership of the structures, buildings wherein the mission schools are. 

No doubt, the churches are the bonafide owners of the properties and not the government of kwara state

But since the illegal marriage, the government of kwara state has been using the properties built by the churches and being daily built by these same churches to carry out her legitimate responsibility at the expense of these churches

It is the responsibility of the state according to 1999 constitution as amended to provide quality education for her children in the state

That churches entered into educational programmes as schools should be commended, applauded, rewarded and encouraged for stepping up to do what the government failed to do and not to see them as enemies but rather give them a Booster.

Do you realise that every year and every month, the state government takes Federal allocation and also generates IGR to fulfil her education programmes in schools including the missions schools by providing as it were quality education for our children yet they are doing this in rented apartments, taking the glory and robbing the church at large?

I put it straight to the Executive Governor of kwara state and all his cabinet members if any, to publicly declare if truly the properties of these mission schools actually belong to kwara state?

KWARA state government has been a tenant since 1970s using the properties of the churches while the churches keep developing without a physical contribution by the government hitherto except in payment of salaries of staff which the government should be ashamed of.

I began to think in my own opinion that it is even the government that is raising some Muslims to call for the use of hijabs in a way to cowardly set the communities in an uproar to cover up her lapses and also usurp authorities to take over these properties which is already a dead dream. 

To the Churches, if the state government is not willing to release the schools back or they insists in collaboration with some Muslims to force and enforce the use of hijabs in the mission schools then there is an answer to this which shall make all to be at rest

Government owns the Teachers and non Teaching staff and it is the responsibility of the government to provide quality education for the children, l then, on a strong opinion and a matter of urgency that kwara state Government be given a quit notice from today to vacate the premises and move the staff and students to her own apartments then peace will reign

It is also not compulsory for the churches to use the same properties for schools but be converted to other uses in which they will have control over their tenants unlike the state Government. 

To the kwara state government and most especially the Executive state Governor, prosperity will not forgive you if as a result of one way traffic decision, impunity, power exercise, negligence or favouritism of a sect, any of our children either Christians or Muslims should either loose his or her life or future on this matter because you have enough think Tank that can help you out

In all honesty, do you know that the state government should be called upon to pay the rent for using these properties over the years? .

Why should the government think of giving the children lunch as a bait for the kids when the atmosphere is hot is this a pretence or another way to divert the attention of the public and to gain sympathy?

On behalf of myself, l request for lasting peace to reign that 

1. The kwara state government should merge the SSS 3 students of these Ten schools to other public schools in town because of their final exams.

2. All other students should be moved to places like the abandoned judges quarters, kwara mall, agro mall, Stella Obasanjo multipurpose, college of education, newly built government secretariat at least this will make our dear children have a feeling of what goes on in private schools or Roemichs Schools premises be rented to take care of them and some other buildings in town along with their Dedicated Teachers.

3. The Ten mission schools premises and other mission schools premises should be made use by their respective owners for any other purposes.

4. Kwara state government should pay rent to the churches for using their premises over the years.

5. At the new locations, since the government want freedom for her citizens and their fundamental rights be upheld, individual religious groups should come up with their uniforms style and since  the Muslims want hijabs l also recommend sutana for Christian students.

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