Below piece is self explanatory and enough precautionary measure against wrongful waisting of lives and properties in Offa and Erin-Ile.


A brief of the narrative:


Offa claimed leadership of the Ibolo extraction of the Yoruba country, but this was finally settled by relevant bodies during the colonial era which affirmed that Erin-Ile is more than 200 years older than Offa, and so deserved autonomy, Oke-Ogun constituency of Oyun Local Government resulted from that work.
In fact, Offa as situated today is upon traditional Grants by Erin-Ile and Ipee who shared boundaries at Abata Stream, near Ita Erin inside today's Offa. 
Erin-Ile originated from Ile-Ife, thus a thorough Ibolo.

B- While Erin-Ile indigenes were denied admissions into the First Community Secondary School in Northern Nigeria (Offa Grammar School) with the resultant effect of mass illiteracy looming, the community resolved to establish her own community School (Erin-Ile Secondary School). Offa people rose in vehement opposition, claiming that the Land proposed for the School was theirs, in disguised attempt to consign Erin-Ile to a community of the unlettered, who would be easy prey for the ''much educated, fast growing and exposed" junior neighbour and tenant. The issue was addressed locally and at Kaduna where Erin-Ile triumphed. Same was later referred to a Commissioner, Dr. Funsho Adaramola, (Boundary Settlement Commission) established for the purpose of investigating and delineating the boundary as proper and according to evidence.
The Commission, which SAT in Offa except when visiting the land, found for Erin-Ile, and delineated the boundary between the 2 communities. Dr. Funsho Adaramola during the assignment also resided at the Government Rest House in Offa where he was welcomed by prominent Offa citizens led by Alhaji Sanni Balogun (Sanni Aba) 

NB: Apart from Oba Olanipekun Ariwajoye  the then sitting Oloffa, two (2) other Traditional/Ancient Rulers of international repute (Emir of Ilorin and Alaafin of Oyo) gave evidence for Offa before the Commission, and their pieces of evidence were held by the Commission (and upheld by the Supreme Court) to be "farfetched, unreliable, and thoroughly misleading".

C- After this victory, Erin-Ile approached Offa through a publication in the Nigerian Observer of May 20, 1972, a Benin-based newspaper, to come forward for a parley, to, irrespective of the findings in favour of Erin-Ile, work out a neighbourly settlement which would see Erin-Ile approve another Grant to Offa. 
It is WORTHY OF MENTION HERE that the publication was spurred by Colonel David  Bamigboye's insistence that if Oba Aroyehun, the Elerin then, meant his words extending an olive branch to Offa, *he should publish it for the World.*  He went ahead to publish!!!

Offa rejected this peaceful move. It is in evidence and on record. The rejection:


Offa chose to go to court when Sunday Adewusi, then CP Kwara told Col. Bamigboye in the presence of Oba Usman Aroyehun and Oba Olawoore Ariwajoye that Oloffa was "beyond" begging Elerin, and that Bamigboye should just share the land for them.
Elerin now bursted out of the meeting threatening and daring anyone to come and share it. Oba Ariwajoye could not leave Ilorin for three days, unsure of what would happen next.

D- It suffices to state that Offa chose the courts over peaceful Grant.
Upper Area Court which declined jurisdiction, the High Court presided over by the Chief Judge of Northern Region, Justice Nigel Reeds, an Englishman, and then Supreme Court under erudite CJN Taslim Olawale Elias.
Erin-Ile won all through, by unanimous verdict. Justice Adesiyun of Offa had the unpleasant task of  delivering Justice Nigel Reed's judgment on his behalf and instruction.

E- Boundary was established subsequent to the judgment, and the communities' common boundary got settled. (See Kwara State Legal Notice No. 16, vol. 9 of 17th January, 1975).

F- Then came Col. Ibrahim Taiwo at the helm of affairs in Kwara State. Offa misinformed his administration, and himself refused to investigate, by reference to State documents on the issue, including the Supreme Court judgment, to create his own boundary as dictated to him beforehand by Offa people. The area was later declared by Col. Ogar to be a buffer Zone but which Offa kept trespassing upon.

G- As no true born of his father would concede an inch of his fatherland in any circumstance except by his own will and consent, Erin-Ile refused both self-help by the adventuring Colonels.

 H- Erin-Ile had established a School on her land; Moje Comprehensive College, but a Group Captain Latinwo, an Offa indigene and then Kwara State Governor purportedly revoked the *C of O* issued Moje,  before its establishment, citing it being on " *disputed land* ", ONLY to yield the exact parcel of land to Offa, for the establishment of Olalomi Comprehensive College; that is the Land now in use as Federal Polytechnic, Offa.

I- Crises broke out a number of times, ALL initiated by Offa people, who claimed in their Court process, that they are ten (10) times more than Erin-Ile and could overrun Erin-Ile within one hour. This belief is advised by their perceived might and influence; a comparative material advantage. But everything materially lacking in and by Erin-Ile people are always being filled by GOD the aider of the weak, powerless but truthful.

J- Dr. Bukola Saraki established the Unity Road on Erin-Ile land, appealed to Erin-Ile to agree to it as the Boundary, and to forgo the Supreme Court boundary. While Erin-Ile was discussing with the stakeholders, particularly the families who are the owners of the lands to be affected, Offa went to the High Court, in Offa, rejected the Bukola "boundary", and fought dirty to frustrate Erin-Ile joining the case. Law prevailed and Erin-Ile was ordered to be joined, as a necessary party.
The case was lost by Offa in the High Court (June 2006), in the Court of Appeal on 20th September, 2012, (which expressed anger at the gangsteristic manner by which Colonels Taiwo and Ogar sought to whittle the Supreme Court Judgment through their illegal Peace Accord Committee) and to the Supreme Court (December, 2018) which also berated Offa Community for litigating over and over again upon the same matter that had been finally decided by the Apex Court  in Nigeria, under the guise of new parties. The Court restated in a unanimous decision that its 1973 Judgment is sacrosanct and cannot be tampered with by any authority. Only the Judgment creditor could waive his right to it. It reaffirmed the boundary established by Adaramola Commission, saying the issue brought before it by Offa was caught by _res Judicata_   already litigated upon, finally settled and cannot be entertained by any Court again.

K- The next move in securing peaceful coexistence is for Kwara Government to reestablish the boundary, and this is what Offa people tried to frustrate by resort to attacks on Erin-Ile and killing of armless youths, in the process burning down the FRSC office in Erin-Ile and some private properties while claiming that her road transport workers were having a dispute among themselves.

FRUSTRATION of reestablishing the boundary is what they plotted by this latest onslaught; believing that Government would be constituting Panels upon Panels so the judgment creditor's award would be perpetually stalled. That shall not, I mean, never fly, and that is the reason Erin-Ile did not meet force with force when they went killing her people.
Remember the Judgment of King Solomon; the owner would forever insist on his prized possession no matter the thickness of the adversaries' plots.
If you come into possession of this piece as an Offa person who desires the truth, and peace which is founded only on justice, do your personal investigation; the law reports are public documents; stop being misled into hating, and fighting a legal owner whose only offence is that he is protecting his property from illegal acquisition and occupation, by powerful and oppressive usurper. Then advise your youth to rise against the trouble making elders/leaders.

Oloffa's Stool was validated by the same Supreme Court, and he is reigning over Offa undisturbed in compliance with the Court's final verdict. Why is it difficult for Offa to comply with another judgment of that Court against her.

" _Aj'Ebi ma mo nii k'Ogun ja'Lu"_ , says one Yoruba adage.

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