The same old trick their ancestors used to dislodged the Hausas and other indigenous Nigerians and installed their emirs is the same trick they used to dislodged a true Nigerian President and installed their Caliphate.

The Hausas and other indigenous tribes in the north were told that their leaders and kings were corrupt,and they (the Fulanis) were honest, upright,very reliable and love the people more than their leaders and kings. The Hausas and other indigenous Nigerians in the north believed them,and joined forces with the aliens and killed their kings and leaders,after which the aliens took over their kingship and leadership and turned the indigenes to slaves and second class citizens in their own lands and took over everything that rightly belong to them. And King Solomon's vision of the slaves riding on horses,while the kings and princes are walking on legs  manifested in the days of the ancestors of the present  indigenous northern  Nigerians.
They told us President Jonathan and the PDP were badly corrupt,with GEJ and PDP  in power,Nigeria was sinking and would eventually sink. They told us they were Mr. Integrity, very upright,highly discipline and a no nonsense personality. This time around,not the northern Nigerians only,but the whole country fell for their satanic trick just like the ancestors of the Hausas and other indigenous Nigerians fell for their tricks in their days.

Sadly,we seem to still be falling for their trick,and yet we pride ourselves for been more educated than our forefathers, but I ask myself, of what use is education to us if it can't enable us to be more discerning than our forefathers? In my discernment, it is apparent, very apparent, and indeed utmost clear and certain that without mixing of words and void of any sort of bias, the entire Fulani people in Nigeria  are collaborating with their follow Fulani all over Africa, and indeed the world to dispossessed Nigerians of the land and country and make her a settlement for Fulani all over the world.

The Fulani all over the country  were in unity in deceiving Nigerians to work against their own President and installed their caliphate. As soon as that was achieved,they dislodged Nigerians in all strategic positions and installed their owns.

They used Bola Tinubu to control the west, Rotimi Ameachi to control the south south, a few Igbo sons to control the south easterners, George Akume and co to control the middle belt, and of course some handful of indigenous minorities in the far north. But today, where are these true Nigerians that were used, have they not been relegated to the background? Are they not playing second fiddle to the Fulani? As a matter of fact,they are always cap in hands begging for recognition, acceptance and patronage while the Fulani,even the most daft of them play the roles of the master in this sad game of master and slave.

Please tell me,which tribe in Nigeria  before and after the civil war has been so audacious enough to attempt the assassination of a seating governor, and boldly come out to say it and also threaten the entire country of death if they try to stop them from achieving their wider and national agenda of having RUGA all over the country? I say with all conviction that the entire Fulani leadership are culpable in this satanic agenda against the Nigerian people.

The Fulani  leadership are always quick to defend their own irrespective of the crime or atrocities committed, and are  always quick to attack,condemn,criminalise,and demonize true Nigerians at the slightest excuse and always using state apparatus to dispossessed Nigerians of their wealth be it legitimately owned or not,while the Fulani are allowed to move around as the richest and wealthiest in this contraption, no thanks to the legalised looting of our common heritage.

Is it not clear to us that they are at the verge of completing and formalising the enslaving  of the entire Nigerians? Imaging in Kwara state,the Fulani are inciting the Kwara indigenes against themselves because of the use of hijab.

What logic is there in forcing a private school to dress against their principle? Schools are places where knowledge and principles are imparted, and schools are pioneered according to  ideologies  and of course the intent to impart knowledge. Why force your ideology on other people's private initiative if not to cause disharmony and distrust and then rule over the people with intent to continue enslaving them.

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