We found James, the younger brother of Jesus and what a chat we had... here are the excerpts.
 "DW: Can we get to meet you sir?*
James: Well you already have met me. How else would you want to meet me? (chuckles)

DW: We mean who exactly is James, the son of Joseph? What does he do for a living?
James: I am James, the servant of Jesus. Yes, I am also the son of Joseph, but I prefer being addressed as the “servant of Jesus”. Together with Peter and John, we oversee the body of believers that people now call Christians. You know the way children of these days are – they coin names for everything. It is a very challenging work, but giving where we started from and where we are now, we give all the glory to God.

"DW: We will come back to the work in a moment. But please tell me a little of your growing up years."
James: I grew up like every other child in my days. My family wasn’t a well to do family even though we cannot really say we were poor. Life at home had its challenges. But it was plenty of fun… playing on the beaches and all that. We always looked forward to the trip to Jerusalem every year. It was our best time of the year

*DW. Did you ever experience fights at home?"
James: Sometimes Mma and Abba would have these little misunderstandings  like all other couples. But they were the best parents anybody could have. I was blessed to grow up under them.

DW: What was the spiritual atmosphere like in your home?
James: Papa, was a strict disciplinarian when it came to religion. Believe me he drilled us daily on the laws, rules and regulations. He was more of a teacher than anything else when it comes to practicing the faith. He didn’t just tell you to do something, he explained why you have to do it, what blessings or curses you incur and then he modelled it for you to see him do it. It didn’t matter how busy he was, the religious atmosphere was his top priority.

DW: You mean you observed all the Jewish practices?
James: We are Jews! What else did you expect? We never had a New Testament to refer to. We observed the laws of Moses and God bless you if you broke any of them and papa found out.

DW: Did Jesus break any of them? I mean as a child
James: He had to learn like all of us. But I can’t remember any particular moment that he got spanked for breaking a law, maybe for breaking other things but never for breaking a law.

DW: You mean Jesus was beaten by your father? I can’t just imagine that
James: What’s strange about it? He was his son and all sons get corrected when they miss it or don’t they? If you despise the chastisement then are you not a son but a bastard.

DW: Let’s talk about Jesus
James: (cuts in) What was it like growing up with God under the same roof? Did you know he was God? 
DW: Exactly! How did you know the question I wanted to ask?
James: Well, I have had to answer that question a thousand times. That’s the one question everyone asks.

Like I have said, we had a normal childhood. Jesus was a regular boy. We did what all the other boys did. Swam together, played hide and seek in the house, did all the chores, pranked each other and he liked drinking wine! He could feed on wine and bread for a whole month if mama didn’t stop him. When we teased him about it, he would say that is the food of priests. He always pretended to be a Priest in the temple. Seriously if there was anything to tempt him with, that would have been wine. That is why I wasn’t surprised when I was told that his first miracle was turning water into wine. Even when he was about to die do you remember what he said he will miss? “the fruit of the vine!” “I won’t drink this again until I drink it with you in my father’s kingdom” 

He loved making friends. I can say he was the most popular young man of his age in our little village. There was no house he wouldn’t go to. Even if mama warned him or tried to stop him. He was always with one friend or the other. People just loved being around him and they loved it when he came to their homes.

We felt they were taking advantage of his kindness. As a matter of fact that was the greatest problem I had with him. He would spend whole days working for people and then will not charge them a dime for the work. That was plain dumb! How would we eat if we don’t charge for the little jobs we do in father’s shed? But he would always respond, “my father will provide”.

DW: How did your father respond at such times?
James: He always just smiled. I guess he knew much more than we did.
DW: Am just curious… did he ever talk of girls and sex, like did he admire ladies, did you think he would get married?

To be continued.
 We will like to make you a deal. We want this Easter Experience to be a very special one for you. Tell us the very character you want to listen to his or her story, how he or she saw the events of that day and we will go get them for you. Yes, we will bring them here to tell their story the way only an eye witness can. Deal? Bring it on!

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