When you carry a vision that no one else can relate to because no one else have ever done it or no one else have ever seen it, you have to be ready to fight off the voices that fight to kill off that vision.

There is no better person to illustrate this than Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was only a teenager, young, tender and inexperienced when angel Gabriel visited her with an unbelievable message. She was going to bear the seed of God and give birth to a God-Man. She was instructed to name the baby Jesus.

What do you think happened when Mary told her parents about the visit of the angel? You think they welcomed it with joy? No way. How will you react if your teenage daughter or sister came to tell you that she is pregnant and that she is a virgin and the baby is from God? Won’t you take her for deliverance? If her parents are the ungodly Christian type, they will take her for an abortion to save the name of the family. Anyhow you look at it Mary was in deep trouble.

Has it ever happened that a virgin can get pregnant? She had a lot of explanation to give. And whenever she started narrating how angel Gabriel visited her, someone in the family will have to shut her up. When you have a dream that no one else can relate to you know you have a big problem on your hands.

When you conceive a business idea that no one else has you hear these “unbelievers” screaming you down. “If it was possible won’t someone be doing it by now?” “Great idea but not practical.” “You must be a joker”. 

These voices are there to shush you. RUN!!!

 And Mary arose in those days, and went into the hill country with haste, into a city of Juda; Luke 1:39 (KJV)

She ran to Elizabeth, who was going through a similar experience though on a smaller plane. But Elizabeth could handle the “impossible” dream of Mary. She understood completely what the younger woman was going through. The “dream” in her responded to the “dream” in Mary. The connection was perfect.

It was only in that environment that Mary could keep her sanity and the vision committed to her.

Friend, it is your responsibility to go to the environment (or create one) that will support your dream rather than stay where you are always told to shut up.

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