Know your history so you can solve the problem. 
Go and re-establish the Baale as the custodian of the Area  and stop this Seriki SASA rubbish so peace can reign supreme .

The government and the world believe that SASA is a settlement for the Notherners ...lori Iro (Not TRUE).

SASA is the Acronym for Sustainable Adjustment Settlement Area and it comprises of about 13 hamlets and settlements brought together by Government due to acquisition of the present site of IITA by government.

It was one of the projects promoted by the late Chief Mrs Bolarinwa who, sadly, has her gate man as the Serikin SASA today .

You can't solve the problem when you don't even know that SASA is not a fulani or Hausa settlement but a community established by 13 Yoruba communities to foster Trade and Commerce .

 You can't solve the problem when you fail to acknowledge the fact that 95% of properties burnt or razed down in SASA belonged to Yorubas

Bread was soaked in petrol by the Nothern miscreants to burn the properties of Yorubas .

Today Nothern Governors are asking for compensation for people who sleep under trailers , or kiosks while the Government of Oyo is not talking about the people who lost their shops, offices, houses and valuable properties or how to rebuild the community without displacing the original owners  by allowing the Nothern governors to rebuild SASA.

I bet, you didn't know that SASA now called Shasha is an acronym for Sustainable Adjustment Settlement Area?

OYO State must not crumble under the fulani herdsmen jackboot. Governor Seyi Makinde should not compromise the future of the Yoruba because of political gain.  Yoruba elders, don't fold arms. Wake up.

"The insults upon our injury is too painful*
POINT OF CORRECTION: SASA (Sustainable Adjustments Settlement Area) was a Scheme designed by the Ford Foundation to resettle displaced 10 villages, occupying the current location of IITA in 1969."

My Department has an ongoing Research Project area that encompasses one of the abadoned villages (Omowole village) located at the West Bank, IITA.

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