Being the text of speech by the State Publicity Secretary of the APC Caretaker Committee during the meeting with stakeholders in information management at the APC State Secretariat, Ilorin on March 4, 2021.


I welcome you all to this auspicious occasion which is aimed at cross-fertilizing ideas on the way to manage information towards enhancing the popularity of the APC in Kwara state.

You would agree with me that the media provides political information to the public by its reporting of and commentary upon the proceedings within the Parliament, the operations of the Government, and the views and alternate policies of the Opposition. All of these activities rely on access to information.

That brings us to the reason for this interactive session on the need to manage the success of the APC in Kwara state. It is pertinent to note that the fallout our success in the last election has created a schizm which has further polarized the ranks of the party.

In our attempt to reduce the friction on all flanks and build a cohesive and vibrant political front, it is pertinent that we manage our information deligently.

One major benefit effective communication has in resolving a conflict is the resultant reduction in anxiety, whether within a family or in the workplace.  Using effective verbal – and nonverbal – communication  further contributes to a successful resolution of conflict,  either between individuals or within a group.

We found ourselves in the mess that plagued the party in the last two years majorly because the leadership handled the issue of the media with reckless abandon and insensitivity. The office of the party publicity secretary at wards, LGA and state was treated with disdain and absolute neglect.

 There were no provision for media gadgets and equipment. Funds were not provided for day to day running of this very important organ of the party, particularly during electioneering campaign.
Gone are the days when publicity secretaries were reduced to mere letter/circular distributors. The scope of the media has widen tremendously which has made its working very expensive. A serious minded party must pay serious attention to its media outfit. Politics is very dynamic, so the publicity secretaries of the party must be on guard at all time. Otherwise you become liabilities to your party. 
In this regard, I want to charge the publicity secretaries to work with all relevant stakeholders, like the government, party media infuencers and opinion leaders within the party.It is our responsibility to protect, project and defend the image of the party at all time.

It is against the above that we appeal to opinion writers and administrators of WhatsApp group to reduce political anxiety and be guided by  media law and ethics of journalism when amplifying acidic, sensational and malicious comments and reactions during intenecine wars.

However, I wish to express the party's discomfort with the proliferation of media platforms with APC appendages. We recognize the fact that it's almost impossible to regulate the existence of such unrecognized media outlets masquerading as authentic APC platforms on the social media but we would do all the needful within the confines of all democratic norms to bring culprits who mislead the public on party information and programmes to book.

We appreciate your support and commitment to promoting our party's programme and activities, and most importantly the activities of our performing governor, Mallam Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq.

This brings us to the issue of responsibility of a political party. There is certainly no conflict of responsibility with any government organ or Officer, when a political party protects the government it brought to power. In fact, it's the height of political treachery for any political party to attempt to devalue the government it brought to power.

We have significant role to play in rebuilding and repositioning the party for challenges ahead.
The present government in the state is being devalued for selfish  and untenable reasons by some people who are supposed to protect and launder its image. This shows the high level of indiscipline being exhibited in the party before it was rescued from the retrogressive forces with the suspension of the former caretaker chairman.

 We must not allow this to continue in our party. The party has a constitution which states very clearly how information should be disseminated, but today every Dick and Harry rush to media houses to vent their personal anger on their perceived enemies without availing themselves internal mechanism of conflict resolution in the party.

These and many more shall be addressed as we dissolve into an interactive session.

Thank you all and God bless.

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