About this time on Sunday morning, Jesus woke up and prepared himself for the day as usual with a quiet moment. 

As they set off that morning to enter Jerusalem, Jesus was keen on fulfilling a promise. It was not a promise to a disciple, but a promise heaven had made to a donkey!

They had just got to Mount of Olives just on the outskirts of Jerusalem when he sent two disciples to enter the village ahead and bring a colt that has been tied down simply because heaven had made it a promise long before it was born.

This colt was in prison simply because there was a destiny upon its head. Is it possible that you are going through this rough patch because of the destiny God has placed on you?

*The Donkey & The Prophecy*
Matt 21 Zechariah 9

Today is Palm Sunday. As usual, the unlikely hero of the day is a donkey, an ass. The Donkey is not considered as an intelligent animal. That's why we call stupid people “Ass”. No one had any regard for it.

This ass was inexperienced. It has not been broken yet. It has not been tamed so it could not do the only thing donkeys know how to do - carry load. So not only is it stupid it is also inexperienced. 

The Donkey was tied outside at a crossroads. Crossroads are decision points. You choose to go down one road and that decision defines the rest of your life. You need *wisdom and experience and freedom* to make this decision. But the Donkey did not have any of these. He was not wise, he was inexperienced and he was tied.

Finally, no one really cared about the Donkey. The owner never really cared. The neighbors never really cared. You know why? Because the Donkey was just a Donkey. It had no extraordinary quality. It couldn't see angels or speak in human voice like Balaam's Donkey.

Does this description fit you? Are you said not to be educated enough? Not beautiful enough, not experienced enough, not rich enough, just an ordinary person?

Or maybe you are just at a crossroads not knowing where to go and which choices to make? Or maybe you are tied and denied your freedom in relationships or finance? Or perhaps no one really cares about you? Are you a Donkey? I am.
But this was not just another Donkey. 500 years before it happened, prophet Zechariah had prophesied about this Donkey and his mother. It is one of the most amazing prophecies of the Bible. In that passage, Zechariah was prophesying about NATIONS. - the biggest nations of that time. God was revealing a national and international agenda and God revealed the purpose and destiny of an ordinary ass and his mother! See Zechariah 9
*Listen to me child of God. In God's eyes YOU ARE ON THE SAME SCALE AS THE BIGGEST NATIONS ON EARTH.*

When he writes the programs of nations it is not complete without your own program. 

The Donkey never read a bible, no one ever told it his destiny. But all the disadvantages in the world could not stop the 500 year old prophecy from being fulfilled. 
Please note that Jesus rode on both the foal and his mother. I don't know how that is possible but that is what Matthew said, and the reason is that he had to do it to fulfill this prophecy. 

Today is palm Sunday and if you are a Donkey you can be sure your prophecy is about to meet fulfilment. God is set to open someone up into his international limelight. God is about to take that ordinary business to a whole new dimension. God is about to put your name in the history books of your country. Wait for the messenger from God. You will know when they come. Be careful because it will be an ordinary day and ordinary message. 

May it happen before this month ends. 
God bless you.
A DeepWords Devotional Special

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