As Kwara Must Change prepares for the release of the novel assesement project, "Legislative Watch" in the month of March, we would like to specially thank advocates who contributed to the development of the measurement standard, namely Engr Tunde Fadipe, a public analyst and advocate of good governance (now TIC Chairman for ISIN local government), Comrade Abdulmuttalib Issa Ayobami popularly known as Megabyte, an astute youth leader, Community Organizer and SDGs advocate and Senior Comrade Jerry Kolo, a senior civil servant and veteran activist, all of whom contributed to the review of Legislative Watch measurement standard.

Shortly after the first draft of Legislative Watch measurement standard were developed, a review session was held in the month of March 2020, with the listed contributors making valuable imput and suggestions.

Kwara Must Change would like to acknowledge that the contribution of these individuals helped us improve the measurement standard before the questionaire was developed.

Today, being exactly one year after the first review session was held, Legislative Watch is ready to go public and we are using this opportunity to commend Engr Tunde Fadipe, Comrade Abdulmuttalib Issa Ayobami popularly known as Megabyte and our senior Comrade, Jerry Kolo for their inputs.

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