Prophet Muhammad said that no one knows when the world is going to end, but he gave us small and important signs. There are ten major signs, and on Earth, he mentioned Dajjaal (Anti- Christ) and how Jesus Christ would descend from Heaven and destroy the Anti- Christ. He(Jesus Christ) is a recognized sign of the hour, so do not doubt it and follow me (Quran 43: 61).
The Day of Judgment will not come until we see ten major signs, the Smoke, Al- Madi(A Muslim leader), Dajjaal(Anti- Christ), Isa Ibn Mariam(Jesus Christ), Gog and the Magog, the Beast, the rising of the sun from the west, three earthquakes, in one of the Prophet Hadith(Imam Muslim, Prophet Muhammad(may the peace and blessings of God be to him) said (one in the West, another in the East and last in the Arabian Peninsula). The Prophet said that the Anti- Christ would live for 40 days on this planet, and the first day would be like a year, the second day would be like a month, the third day would be like a week, and the rest of the days would be like regular days.
Dajjaal(anti- Christ) is a young man with twisted, contracted hair and a blind eye, said the Prophet. On the way between Syria and Iraq, he will appear and cause great calamity on Earth. He will invite people to his false religion, and those who follow it will rule the sky, and the rain will fall and make the earth grow, but those who disobey will cause famine in their country, and the people will suffer until Isa(Jesus Christ) descends from the sky on a white tower around the east of Damascus by placing palms on the two angels' wings. He is going to destroy the Anti- Christ and make us follow Allah alone.

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