Ever since the donkey years, kwara state has been clamoring of having a leader who will be ready to spread his cloth for the citizen to match on it; someone whose door will forever be opened to welcome people's opinions; Someone who will throw the key of dictatorship and slavery to the well; someone who is ready to carry the dilapidated and abandoned project coupled with forgotten heroes/heroine to the land of promise. 
Through these, many moons were being ransacked along the line ( battlefield). But 2019 till date is an unforgettable year(s) in Nigeria and kwara state precisely.

Sir, your coming awaken the living ghosts and relieved the future leaders ( youth) from the invisible bondage and serfdom we met ourselves. Before your coming, the Lions see we women as wounded preys because our life are being servitude by them.

On behalf of the generality of women and youths of this state, I am using this August moment to thank you for your immeasurable generosity you have shown to us because "generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need". You have shown the true color the real son of the soil must possess; your positive principles, generosity, political tycoon, sense of humility and religious acumen is tantamount to what give a deep clarity between the "sabotage kwara" and "the New Rebirth" (the New Kwara).
Henceforth, we are committing our endless props and support to your elephantine and acknowledged reign.

Long live Nigeria!
Long live Kwara state!!
Long live His Excellency Abdulrahman Abdulrasaq.

Hon Kolawole Bashirat
Member, House Of Assembly Service Commission).

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