The government of Kano State has declared that its does not have power in paying N30,000 new minimum wage for March due to the shortage in federal allocation for the period.

The Kano government lay more emphasis that it would be very tedious to implement the consolidated minimum wage while Describing the situation as temporary.

According to the Malam Muhammad Garba who is Commissioner for Information in the state, said that the shortage in the state finance for the period under review has made it difficult for the state government to implement the new minimum wage.

Commissioner for Information in the state said for March, the state government collected a total allocation of N12, 400, 000, 000 billion from the federation account, out of which the state received N6, 100, 000, 000, 000 billion, while the 44 local governments also received the sum of N6, 300, 000, 000 billion.

Malam Muhammad Garba stated that for the state government to pay the agatated new minimum wsge to its workers, it needs additional billions of naira which is currently missing.

Kano state commissioner of information stated that, there was an understanding that government would pay workers’ salaries based on a percentage of the total disbursement received at its meeting with the labour union in May 2020.

Meanwhile similar scenario occurred in November and December 2020, but temporary measure was taken in the payment of workers’ salary as a result of the federal allocation shortfall to move on the government which was later adjusted in January and February, after the improvement from the state finance.

The Malam Garba also recalled that Kano was one of the few states in the federation to accept the implementation of the new  minimum wage without any delay which should have been put into consideration by the Nigerian Labour Congress

Commissioner added that, the organised labour need to reason with the state government before going on industrial action, which he said will not correct the damaged at hand.

He therefore asked for the support and cooperation of the organized labour and the entire staff's in the state to uphold a good working relationship with the government in the interest of industrial harmony.

He also guarantee workforce in the state that they would continue to get the new minimum wage as soon as the situation is stabilized.

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