The Third citizen of Nigeria Senator Ahmad Ibrahim Lawan, has authenticate that Nigeria’s unity remains firm despite many request by some groups and prominent individuals for the country to be divided.

Ngrealnws gathered this statement during an interview with newsmen in his home town at the official inauguration of NTA Community Station, Gashu’a, Yobe state, the Senate President guarantee that Nigeria would continue to be exists as one nation.

Chief senator shows his dissatisfaction on how some prominent people in Nigeria were adding sort the disunity of the country.

He said, “When I say that the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, I mean that Nigeria will continue to be one.

“What we need to emphasize always is equity, justice and fairness to all and I believe this is one way to go, probably the only way to go to ensure that everybody feels belonged".

Senate President added that genuine Nigerians who form the majority of the population always believe in Nigeria unity.

He added, “I believe that, majority of Nigerians believe that they should stay together, especially the real Nigerians; with all due respect when I say the real Nigerians, I mean the ordinary Nigerians. These are people who believe in the unity of this country.

“For instance, you can find an Igbo man in the remotest part of Yobe State, because he believes this is his country and can stay in any part of it and make a living. Similarly, you can also find a Hausa man in the remotest part of South-south, may be selling kolanut or something and even married there, because he believes in Nigeria."

He also emphasized that what many Nigerians want is leadership not disintegration.

He emphasizedd that, “We must give them fair leadership."

He said further that, in the area of equality in sharing of projects, the federal government had done a lot in spreading projects across the country.

He said, “You will agree with me that the federal government has not favored any part of the country."

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